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How To Protect Your Family From Identity Theft

by Mack Jackson Jr., J.S.M

This book is a must read.  Find out how you can protect your family's privacy.  Information is the new currency.  Protect yourself from the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century.


• Understanding Identity Theft
• How Your Identity Can be Stolen 

• How Financial Institutions are Fighting Back
• What Law Enforcement is Doing
• What You Can Do Today 

• What to do if your information is stolen
• Case Studies of families like yours
• Helpful Tips and more!

Information Security Policies Made Easy


Product Description

Information Security Policy: The Definitive Library

Information Security Policies Made Easy is the leading library of information security policies, used by over 10,000 organizations. ISPME has everything you need to save money while building a due-care security policy environment, including:

1. Complete information security policy statement library containing over 1600 individual pre-written security policies covering of the latest technical, legal and regulatory issues

2. Thirty-eight (38) essential sample security policy documents in MS-Word format ready to use as-is or with easy customization

3. Expert information security policy development advice and tool including a step-by-step checklist of security policy development tasks to quickly start a policy development project, including helpful tips and tricks for getting management buy-in for information security policies and education.

4. Information security policy development resources and essential forms such as Risk acceptance memo, incident Reporting Form and Agreement to Abide by Security Policies.

5. Easy-to-Use Digital Files – Sample Security Policies available in both PDF and MS-Word format, with an indexed and searchable PDF interface.  Easily cut-and-paste into existing corporate documents.

6.Comprehensive Information Security Policy Coverage including over 200 essential information security topics, all mapped to our Common Policy Library (CPL)

Information Security Policies Made Easy, Version 13 is available for immediate download. ISPME contains a print-ready PDF, MS-Word templates and an organization-wide license to republish the materials.

MJ Computer Concepts is a authorized reseller of Information Shield.

Compliance Shield

IT Security Made Easy

How do you build and manage an information security program that will demonstrate compliance to management and outside parties? Today, organizations must either adopt expensive, complex software systems that take months to deploy or piece together disjointed tools from a variety of vendors. Now there is another choice.

The Solution: ComplianceShield

ComplianceShield ™  combines our Security and Privacy Compliance Content with a suite of simple, integrated security management tools that allow you to build, document and track your information security program. With a simple user interface and expert information security guidance, ComplianceShield ™ integrates all of the essential security management functions into a single, integrated system that is easy to manage and deploy. what state is the social security number from?

Key Features

Quickly Define your Information Security Program

Use our Compliance Wizard to dramatically simplify the process of measuring your IT risk and compliance posture.  Within minutes you have a custom security program baselines based on our best-practices security library.

Develop Information Security Policies – Common Policy Library (CPL)

Save time and money developing security policies with over 20 pre-written security policy templates. Our unique Common Policy Library (CPL) has over 300 controls addressing the latest technologies, threats and regulatory requirements.

Measure and Track User Acknowledgement

Automatically distribute policies, procedures and training directly to users based on their role within the organization. Verify user understanding by tying assessments to specific policies.  A flexible reporting system enables managers to run compliance and gap reports on groups or the entire enterprise.

Information Security Awareness Training

Use our built-in security awareness training module to educate each user on basic security awareness principles.  Our training covers key topics including: Access Control, Email and Web Usage, Mobile Security, Information Classification and security incident reporting.

Measure and Track Control Compliance

Easily view the information security posture of your entire organization in a single compliance dashboard. Validate your compliance program by using our IT Risk Scoring report. Custom reporting modules automatically feed results of various modules to provide a holistic view of the information security program.

Manage Information Security Incidents

Manage your entire incident reporting, management and response tasks through a simple, integrated interface. Built-in incident types takes the guesswork out of incident reporting.

Cyber Security Awareness Testing

Think Before You Click

The first line of defense against within an organization against a cyber data breach are the employees.

Knowledge is power.  

Have your employees trained on cyber security awareness through Ataata.

Your employees can have monthly training and testing on cyber security awareness starting at $5 per user per month.

Contact us for details 702-868-0808

MJ Computer Concepts is an authorized reseller of Ataata.

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