Our best defense from a cyber attack is education.

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Mack Jackson Jr. & Associates has products and services that can assist you in cybersecurity information and education.

Cybersecurity Partner Ninjio Video

This NINJIO AWARE Episode is a Public Service Announcement that must be shared across the country.  Would-be homeowners are losing their down payments on their would-be home every day due to hackers.  This video shows how it happens, and tells you how to stop it!

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American National

Find out more about cyber liability insurance to protect your business from cyber crimes contact insurance representative Nick Whitney 


Legal Shield

Mack Jackson Jr is a Legal Shield representative that can provide you with a membership of the services from Legal Shield.  Contact Mack today for details.


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How To Protect Your Family From Identity Theft


This book is a must read.  Find out how you can protect your family's privacy.  Information is the new currency.  Protect yourself from the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century.


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