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The best defense from a cyber attack is education.

93% of American adults say they've had no cyber security training in the last 12 months. - Savitz Research For ESET, 2012

How many of them work for you?

82% of business board of directors are concerned about cyber security. - ISACA, State of Cyber Security, 2016

Businesses are the #1 source of Identity Theft, according to the U.S. Justice Department.


Protect Your Business from the fastest growing crime of the 21st century.

The business implications are non-trival

  • Fines and legal entanglements
  • Loss of business
  • Reputation

Data breach cost currently estimated at around $190 per record exposed, according to the Ponemon Institute.  Example: 5,263 records = $1 million hit to the business bottom line.


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A significant percentage of business problems can be averted or mitigated, if more employees get cyber security awareness training.

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Speaking Events

Hire Cyber Security Speaker Mack Jackson Jr to provides informative presentations on cyber security awareness education for your business.   

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Learn about how to protect your family and your business from Identity Theft and cyber crimes.   Purchase your copy of "How To Protect Your Family From Identity Theft".   

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The University of MJ Computer Concepts

Cybersecurity Awareness Training online 24/7.  

The best defense against a cyberattack is education. 

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Technology Review TV Show


Technology Review TV with host Mack Jackson Jr.

Technology Review will educate and inform you about today’s technology with tips on how to protect yourself from today's threats of cyber crimes.

Every 2 seconds someone has their Identity stolen by cyber thieves.  There are over 16 million and rising new victims of Identity Theft that are reported to law enforcement every year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The most vulnerable are the young and elderly. 

 Individuals and businesses have been victims of Cyberattacks worldwide. Cyber attacks are on the increase. You have seen stories every day on businesses or government agencies hit by a cyber attack. We do not have to be victims.

Today, information is the new currency. Education is our best defense against cyber attacks. 

Protect your business from the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century.  Watch Technology Review TV  LIVE 

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Cyber Security Awareness Seminars

Did you know that over 16 million new victims of Identity Theft are reported to law enforcement every year? According to the Federal Trade Commission, Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.

Computer-related crimes affecting businesses and consumers are frequently in the news.  The biggest cyber threat to businesses is that most businesses are not mapping cyber security threats to their bottom line.

Would you know if you were under a cyber attack? How much is not knowing costing you?

Don’t be that victim!

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Discovery new technologies and how to protect your business from a cyber attack.

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"Mack Jackson is extremely knowledgeable about Identity Theft and has an in-depth understanding of the chaos it can create in one's life. He is passionate about teaching others how to protect themselves from this horrific crime. Everyone should attend one of his informative programs and learn how to protect their personal information. He made me aware of things to do that I had not previously considered.”  - Judi Moreo


“Mack has quickly become a trusted resource for me in the areas of cyber security, data breach response plan and Identity Theft. Mack understands what steps and systems we need to be in place to minimize the risk of Identity Theft and should a data breach happen, Mack would be the expert I would rely on to help rectify the situation.” - Matt Engle


“Mack Jackson Jr. has an understanding of cyber security awareness and helpful assisting businesses in managing change, ..." - Sonia Petkewich

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